Message in a Bottle

Thursday, June 24, 2004

How to measure media bias?

Tim Groseclose and Jeff Milyo have a paper on media bias. Their way of measuring media bias goes as follows. They used a ranking of the voting records by a liberal lobbying group, ADA, to measure how liberal the members of house and senate are. Then they looked at what think tanks were cited by these persons and used that information to grade how liberal these think tanks are. Now they looked for what media outlet cites what think tank how often and get their measure of media bias that way. Robert Barro has written a popular article on the findings. Patterico thinks the paper gives support to his prejudices. Sadly, the very conservative Hoover Institution, where Barro is a senior fellow, wasn´t ranked.
I personally have another interpretation for this media bias: Bushs economic policies are horrible, so that liberals have good reasons to quote moderate think tanks like the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to make a point...